Some shopping bags are made with recycled material and printed with logos from neighborhood stores. These shopping bags are walking advertisement from their local boutique stores, pet stores, flower stores, grocery stores and spas. I don't know any lady that would throw away a shopping bag because it has a unique usage for carrying some type of item. Some ladies just like to collect shopping bags and never reuse them. Just go into one of your lady friend's homes and you will find a stash of colorful shopping bags just waiting to be discovered and reused.

Paper bags are among the most useful and powerful promotional items that can be used for taking a business to greater heights. The successful use of paper bags as promotional tools by many companies has inspired many more to choose the same path. The visibility offered by the paper bags to a brand or a logo is the most important thing that attracts the companies to make use of paper bags as promotional items.

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The global awareness for using Eco - friendly materials have changed the requirements of the consumers all over the world. The use of paper carry bags is a revolution and an honest effort to save the world & universe. Using paper bags is a way in which we can help in controlling environmental hazards and in saving the world in our own small way.

The Paper Bag Makers ....We specialize in making high quality Paper bags. We ensure our finished product is completely error free which brings a perfect satisfaction smile to our clients and consumers. We believe in maintaining high quality standards for our products.

We manufacture: paper shopping bags, brown paper bags, grocery bags, paper gift bags,wine bags and other light duty bags.

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Our RATES are very economical and affordable.
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